GOODNIGHT is a cultural platform and event series curated by DJ migeru, celebrating a unique blend of international talent and local flavor. These events showcase a diverse lineup of artists and DJs, ranging from electronic music to niche genres, creating a high-energy atmosphere with BPMs of 150 and above. Special guests from around the world bring their unique styles and experiences to the stage, while local acts from Japan add to the vibrant mix of sounds. Themes like angels and demons often feature, exploring contrasts and dualities within music and culture. GOODNIGHT also embraces elements of nerd culture and anime, catering to enthusiasts who appreciate these genres. With resident artists using AI technology for VJing, GOODNIGHT offers an immersive nightlife experience that pushes the boundaries of music, art, and community.

An amalgamation of cyber-dreams, nightmares, and cryptids, GOODNIGHT ( was born from a desire to collaborate with designers and influential figures in the design, fashion, and music industries, drawing inspiration from multiple music scenes.

About the Founder:

Born and raised in the United States, migeru now calls Tokyo home, where he works as a DJ, producer, organizer, VJ, and curator. Bridging high fashion, nerd culture, and club culture, he is a sound architect dedicated to expressing music across different cultures. migeru adds captivating and exotic elements to Tokyo's music scene while orchestrating transformative nights that redefine the club experience.